Equipment : Bridge inspection

Bridge inspection Type A-62

Jesna Camion-Nacelle

This multifunctional unit is capable of maneuvering around bridges, unlike any other machine and is equipped with the latest technical advances. It has a horizontal reach of 62 feet and requires no outriggers when operating. The Aspen A-62 is equipped with unique features such as a telescoping 4th boom and a 180 degree rotating platform; enabling operators to easily get into tight areas behind deep beams.

Maneuverability : Two rotating turntables plus multiple articulating and telescoping booms allow the 40”x 60” rotating platform to deploy off of either side of the truck to access all of your structures. The Aspen A-62 is truly in a league of its own.

Stabilization : Outriggers are not required and all counterweights stay within the width of the truck body. The redesigned sliding counterweight is installed under the truck bed and operates to either side while the Aspen A-62 is deployed to the opposite side. In the transport mode, the counterweight stays in the center of the truck for improved road handling. A torsion-box subframe and hydraulic axle locks unitize the chassis and truck axles, allowing the vehicle to travel while the unit is fully deployed.

Specifications - Bridge inspection unit, ASPEN A-62 [PDF]

Bridge inspection Type UB-60

We provide a total bridge inspection unit which allows you to work above, below or on the span...

Maneuverability : These units offer a hydraulically activated fourth boom which extends the working range to include travel between bridge girders to get a close-up look at the back side. When this boom is placed perpendicular to the third boom, it is capable of placing an inspector 9' (3 m) above the third boom.

Stabilization : Particular attention has been given to trafic control problems. The REACH ALL UB units afford stability without outriggers and the rotating counter-weight stays within the 96' (2436 mm) width of the truck body thus keeping any portion of the unit from occupying more than one lane of traffic!

Specifications - Bridge inspection unit, Reach All Type UB-60 [PDF]

Equipment : Walkway platform

Jesna Passerelle

The Hydra Platforms trailer-mounted model HP 35 is a comprehensively equipped under-bridge access and work platform, mounted on a mobile trailer for versatility. Each Terex® Hydra Platforms trailer model features a patented Tower Separation System, which includes hydraulically adjustable cross-linking arms between the main outside vertical tower and the turntable sub-frame, mounted on the trailer. This allows operators to erect and extend the tower and the platform over pedestrian sidewalks and other barriers without restricting the under-bridge operations.

Ideal for all under-bridge projects :

Specifications - TEREX Hydra platforms HP-32/35 [PDF]

Signalisation Jesna

Traffic control service

La signalisation fait partie intégrante du paysage routier. Elle est un outil de communication essentiel pour l'usager de la route. Elle doit, par conséquent, être conçue et installée de manière à aider l'usager de la route tout au long de son parcours en lui permettant d'adapter sa conduite aux diverses situations qui se présentent à lui, et ce, en lui évitant hésitations et fausses manœuvres.

Location Jesna inc. offre maintenant un service de signalisation pouvant être combiné à la location de passerelles ou nacelles.